Watermelon Limeade

20140806-145237-53557949.jpgIt’s August (yes, already), and August calls for icy cold, refreshing, fruity, citrus-garnished drinks.  And this Watermelon Limeade is all of the above.    I wasn’t sure if I would like the watermelon-lime combo at first.  When I was planning this week’s blog post, I wanted to do something with watermelon and my blog-assistant/photographer brother wanted to make limeade.  So, I said hey, why not kill two opinions with one drink?  As it turns out, watermelon and limes make a pretty tasty drink!


If you happen to grab a watermelon with good flavor and not-so-good texture, this would be a perfect recipe to use it up!  My mom picked out this watermelon though so, of course, it was perfect.


The best method for getting the most juice out of your limes and other citruses (citri?) is to roll them with the palm of your hand across the cutting board and then microwave them for 7-10 seconds.  This really gets the juices flowing! Also, if limes aren’t your thing, this would be just as good with lemons!



Watermelon Limeade

Prep time: 15 min / Servings: 5-6 cups

  •  1/4 of a large watermelon / 6 cups cubed
  • 1 cup of lime juice / 7-8 limes
  • 3-4 TB honey
  • 1 cup water

1.  Cube watermelon and puree in a blender with the honey until smooth.  Transfer into a mesh strainer to remove solids.

2.   Combine watermelon juice, lime juice, and water into a pitcher.  Chill or server over ice with a lime wedge or a sprig of mint!

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