Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

In this week’s blog post, I am sharing my very favorite hot chocolate recipe.  Fair warning: this is no Swiss Miss.  This is real hot chocolate with real milk and both real dark chocolate and cocoa powder.  In other words, it’s real good.

While we’re being real, let’s talk about how photographing this blog post went.  Not good.  After staging all the prep work and taking about 75 pictures, my husband kindly informed me the memory chip was not in my camera.  Not cool.  So if you’re wondering where all the prep pictures went, that’s where they are — but they were really great pictures, I promise.


One recipe of this homemade mix makes about 2 cups which stores perfectly in a pint jar.  Which also makes it a perfect DIY gift for the upcoming holiday season!  Wrap some ribbon around the jar and hand it off to your Thanksgiving dinner hostess or make a few batches and use them for thoughtful Christmas gifts.


img_1510 img_1531

When you are making this hot chocolate on the stove, be sure to keep a good eye on it and stir it very often.  This prevents the milk from forming a skin on the top and also keeps it from cooking over — not that I’ve ever done that before…



Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 cups of mix
  • 4 oz dark or bittersweet chocolate / roughly chopped
  • ⅔ cup cocoa powder
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • 1 TB cornstarch
  • ¼ tsp kosher salt
  1. In a food processor, combine all ingredients and pulse until mixture resembles a fine crumb.
  2. Store in an air-tight container or jar.
  3. When making hot chocolate, heat milk in a saucepan and add 2½ TB of mix for every one cup of milk. Add a splash of vanilla for an extra touch of sweetness.
  4. Use a whisk to combine and stir often. Cook over medium-low heat until mix has dissolved and the little bits of chocolate have melted. Pour into mugs and serve with lots of marshmallows!


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  1. Pinning for once I get to the grocery store! We just ran out of our hot chocolate mix and I was wondering about doing a homemade batch. My kids will be excited to help!

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